Our mum was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia ("AA") in September 2021. She was a fit and healthy, fun loving 74 year old who lived life to the full. Her garden was her pride and joy, particularly her hanging baskets which always challenged their brackets! She was still maintaining them despite surviving a cardiac arrest in March 2022 during a transfusion, and being very poorly up to the point she went into hospital in October 2022 to be treated with Campath. It was her last hope of a cure after Atgam and other treatments had failed. She sadly died on December 23 2022 after developing sepsis during treatment but fought valiantly to the end. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

AA is an extremely rare disease (6 in a million develop it annually) with a limited chance of a successful outcome for older people like our mum, due to being too old to survive a bone marrow transplant.

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust is a great charity with a mission to conduct vital research into the causes of AA and rare bone marrow failure in order to find a cure so people can lead a healthy and fulfilled life. In 1980 only 3 in 10 patients survived AA. Thanks to the Aplastic Anaemia Trust, 8 in 10 patients will now survive the devastating effects of AA.

It was one of our mum's final wishes that donations be made to the Aplastic Anaemia Trust rather than flowers at her funeral in order to raise money to further the charity's mission, and hopefully increase the life expectancy for individuals diagnosed with this devasting disorder.

Julie McKeown & Tony Whymark

Many thanks to everyone that donated cash at the funeral.

C Langford 20.00
D & J Meade 30.00
J & B Cooper 10.00
J & L France 20.00
J & M Theobolds 15.00
J Dwayne 75.00
J&K Harris 20.00
M Banham & M Netley 40.00
Maureen 10.00
P Theobolds 20.00
Pat Ramsey 30.00
R & H McGowan 20.00
Ronabillies line dancing 204.00
S & M Lyne 20.00
T & I Diggines 20.00
Unnamed 147.25
TOTAL 701.25

julie McKeown