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Not many people know about Aplastic Anaemia, so I’ve added a brief note below about the illness -

 2 people in every 1,000.000 of the world’s population are diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia each year.

Aplastic Anaemia is a rare and serious blood disorder caused by the bone marrow not functioning properly. In people with aplastic anaemia, the bone marrow fails to produce enough of all three types of blood cells – red, white and platelets.

  • Red blood cells are essential for carrying oxygen around the body
  • White blood cells help us fight infections, bugs and germs
  • Platelets are responsible for stopping us bleeding and bruising

The word ‘aplastic’ means the body’s inability to create new cells, so that tissue cannot grow or regenerate.

People with aplastic anaemia cannot lead a normal life.

All your donations are very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

hayley webster