I had never heard of Aplastic Anaemia until November 2020 when my mum became really ill. As a family we knew nothing about it and we had to learn and adapt really quickly. My mum is the heart of our family, like most families she organises us and is always there! But when this horrible illness arrived in our world, my mum was missing for weeks at a time for intense hospital treatment. It was really not a nice time. I was 16 and sitting my GCSE’s at the time of her longest stay while she had her most invasive treatment! Some days she was too ill to call. Aplastic Anaemia is bone marrow failure and is rare and complex!
16 year old me was really scared and sad and worried about what was going to happen to my mum.
She has shown us all that you don’t know how strong you are until it is your only choice! Since her diagnosis the charity has played a huge part in our family’s life offering support groups, help lines, advice and we have all been involved in fundraising to keep the charity going and keep the vital support in place for other families. So nearly 19 year old me has turned my fear and upset into positive energy and have decided to run the GNR with my mum as she has a massive love of running!
All donations go direct to the Aplastic Anaemia trust to continue their research into a cure and to continue providing invaluable life changing support to their patients.
Thank you for reading.

Kyle Smith