Couch to 5k

It all started in 2017 after a routine blood test, my GP referred me to a haemotologist as there was
something not right with my blood. After weeks of blood tests and two bone marrow biopsies, I was
referred to St Bartholomews hospital to a consultant who specialises in blood disorders.
I was told I had Aplastic Anaemia, a very rare serious, potentially life threatening illness caused by the bone marrow failing to create blood cells. I had treatment and am now on supportive medicine in the hope that my bone marrow may start to work again but so far have had only a partial recovery. The only cure for for this
illness is a bone marrow transplant but this is not always possible for everyone.
It can be a gruelling illness, contracting infections and having to have regular transfusions and generally feeling tired and unwell even if
you look ok.
Fortunately I am able to live a normal life but sometimes we have to find a ' new normal ' and as many may suggest it cannot be cured by eating a special diet or taking vitamins or iron tablets, I wish it was that easy.
I used to enjoy a weekly run or two but have not had the stamina to run since before being diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia. The 28th February is Rare Disease Day so I have decided to raise awareness of Aplastic Anaemia by challenging myself to take on the couch to 5k and being able to run 5k by the 28th February.
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Rosalind Conway