When Rod was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia three years ago, he had never heard of this rare blood disorder. The support and information that Rod received via The Aplastic Anaemia Trust was invaluable to him.  He learnt so much and gained so much hope from all the messages and stories he read.

Rod tried every treatment available to fight aplastic anaemia but unfortunately due to various complications, the odds were stacked against him.  Neither Rod nor his Consultants gave up hope, even in the final weeks they were looking at different treatments, for which Rod was extremely grateful.   

During his final months, the support and comfort he received from the weekly meetings with other aplastic anaemia patients helped Rod to connect with people who really understood what he was going through.

Hopefully, Rod’s story and donations will help support other people with aplastic anaemia and help raise the awareness of this condition and the impact it has on other peoples’ lives.

Caroline Barrett