Hiya Everyone,

So Im challenging my self to run 70km in March (for me this is alot due to being asthmatic & not as fit as most people 🤣)

I want to raise money & awareness for rare disease/aplastic anaemia which my little sister has been diagnosed with recently.

Aplastic Anemia is an ultra rare blood disorder caused by your bone marrow failing to make blood cells, also known as bone marrow failure.
Its a serious & potentially life threatning disease.

My little sister however is a trooper, She has to get platelet transfusions twice weekly aswell as blood transfusions. She checks her temperature twice a day & the slightest temperature she has to go into hospital as she can not fight infections on her own. She is just taking it in her stride & im so proud of her.

We have all been tested, my parents and my other 3 siblings & unfortunately we arent a match meaning she needs a non related donor..🤞
If a donor is not found then whats called a 50/50 will be done on either me or my other siblings. Siblings have a 50/50 chance of being half a match for eachother so this MAY work🤞

When this does happen she will go through chemotherapy too which will be hard to see her go through as she will be in hospital for a goodb6 to 8 weeks.

Awareness is needed as we need more people to donate blood/platelets sign up to be a stem cell/bone marrow donor if able to!!

It spurred me on to donate blood for the first time too!!

Shes ok in her self, just tired lethargic and gets bruises with no explanation.

So thats why i would love to fundraise for this cause
so anyone who donates im truly thankful & grateful for your kindess.
♥️ Pagan Hedley