In March 2019, Philip Norford was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder known as Aplastic Anaemia. This serious condition, also known as bone marrow failure, affects the bone marrow and stem cells which do not produce enough platelets or red and white blood cells. The condition is life threatening and leaves sufferers of the disease highly vulnerable to infections and internal bleeds.

Philip was treated for a very severe form of the disease and following a series of short term hospitalisations, and treatment known as 'ATG', was admitted to hospital on June 22, 2020 and diagnosed with a severe fungal infection. Though suffering delirium, he remained positive and believed he could fight the illness, however his body became too weak to fight the infection and his condition slowly deteriorated over a four month period until he finally lost his battle against this cruel disease on November 2, 2020.

As a tribute to Philip, we invite people to donate funds to support the Aplastic Anaemia Trust, the only charity in the UK dedicated to funding research into this disease.

Thank you
Olga Norford and family

Olga Norford