A very close friend of mine was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia over 30 years ago. Treatments at that time were very limited and life expectancy was very low. Not much was known about this terrible condition back then but due to research funded by the Aplastic Anaemia Trust, treatment and outcomes today are much improved. In addition to research, the AAT also offers direct support to sufferers and their families, and I have seen first hand how incredibly important this can be.
My family and I have supported the AAT over number of years at charity fundraising events and in the case of my wife, Elaine, by providing financial accounting support to the charity and acting as a Trustee.
In September, I with join the AAT 300km cycle ride around the Kent countryside, along with my Sevenoaks cycling buddies known as the 'Tuesday Dads', in order to continue to raise essential funds to support the charity's important work. I would be incredibly grateful if you could sponsor my endeavours and I know that any amount will be very gratefully received by the AAT. Thank you - Neil

What your money will help do;
Fund Research
This time last year, people with aplastic anaemia were contacting us daily in sadness and frustration. As the world celebrated new Covid-19 vaccines, our community were stuck, not knowing if the vaccines were safe or effective for them. 

But in November, we were able to announce that Covid-19 vaccines do work for people with aplastic anaemia. Funding this research cost £25,000.

This year we'll uncover more detail about the response to Covid-19 vaccines in people with aplastic anaemia, and investigate new treatment options, that could offer hope to more people, and improve quality of life for patients and their families. 

Provide support
-Provide a young child with a story book that explains what aplastic anaemia is and what they can expect from a long stay in hospital - making the long and difficult treatment less frightening.
-Make sure there is always some one on the end of the phone. Having someone to talk to who understands, who you don't have to explain your condition to again and again. Our hotline ensures no one is alone.

Neil Grocock