Leanne Wooton In January 2013 my son Bryant, aged 13, was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia. Until that day I had never even heard of the illness let alone realised how deadly it could be. Just the word Anaemia made me think it was just an every-day illness that a few iron tablets or similar would sort out. How very wrong was I?! My son spent 9 months in hospital, with 5 of them being in an isolation unit at the brilliant RVI hospital who were absolutely amazing . My son needed chemotherapy, radiotherapy and also a bone marrow transplant. His 1st transplant failed so we then had to go through it all again with chemo etc until another amazing donor was found. This time the transplant was a success and 3 months later he was allowed back home. Now aged 18 he is in fine health. We are thankful to his 2 anonymous donors every day as without these two selfless men, my son would not have been here today. Leanne Wooton