Aplastic anaemia is a disease that stopped our lives in its tracks!
My dad was always the strong tough guy, he worked hard his whole life even after loosing our mum he found his feet again knowing life didn't have a pause button, however we soon found out it does.

Dad became sick 2021 and by April 2021 he was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, we had no clue what we were in for, we had never heard of this disease before. Dad has tried the minimal treatment options he has however to no avail ! He soon became diabetic due to medications and ended up with other ailments which has made it that bit harder. I've watched him suffer for over a year and a half he has to have blood and platelet transfusions 3x a week just to keep him going but its not a life!

We have received the news we have been waiting what seems like a lifetime for that dad should receive a bone marrow transplant in the coming weeks, however that's not the end of his fight and whilst he is in hospital having this aggressive treatment I want to show him how many supporters are out there and spread awareness for a disease that does not discriminate in ruining and taking people's lives.

kym owers