I met my dear friend Lily in Hong Kong about 20 years ago and we have been friends ever since. I used to run and hike regularly with Lily and we always used to have the best chats and bonding moments during our adventures.

When I heard about Lily and Charlie's son Alfie's condition and the treatment he requires I wanted to assist the family, but now living in Switzerland and with covid complications I did not know how I could directly help.

It struck me during a long forest run that the way might be through fundraising and so I signed up for what is (for me at least) the ultimate running challenge: a marathon. I am returning to my native Edinburgh for this event and I am very excited to be completing the race at the end of May!

Any donation large or small will all go towards supporting Alfie. Please consider donating - it will help me complete the 42km challenge knowing that you are supporting this fantastic cause. Thank you.

Kate Pennel