In memory of Kara Turner my lovely Mother who passed away 18 months ago losing her fight with Aplastic Anaemia.

I am fundraising to support the fantastic work The Aplastic Anaemia Charity Trust does; raising awareness, campaigning, supporting people and their family’s affected by this rare and life threatening condition. 

Like many other people I had never heard of the condition Aplastic Anaemia until my Mother was diagnosed 18 months ago. I went straight onto the NHS website but couldn't find anything, then onto google which just scared me! but amongst all the scary information I found a link to The Aplastic Anaemia Trust Charity. I contacted them and they were able to send me information to help me and my family understand what the condition was and what to expect. The information I received was very accessible, easy to read and really helped me get my head around my mother's diagnosis. 

Aplastic Anaemia is a condition where the bone marrow stops working and fails to produce enough of the three essential types of blood cells - red, white and platelets.

Approximately 2 in 1 million people in the UK are diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia each year so it’s a very rare and very serious condition.

Currently aplastic anaemia is not even registered under ‘health conditions’ on the NHS website as it’s so rare and the charity are campaigning to change this.

The condition can affect anyone; children to older people and treatments are complex, challenging and not without risk due to being immunosuppressed. 

I’ve worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 33 years but never come across anyone with aplastic anaemia and for my Mum who was a fit and healthy 76 year old full of the joys of life this diagnosis came out of nowhere!

I made contact with the charity seeking help and spoke to Kim and Zoe, Outreach Workers who were lovely and had first hand experience of the condition themselves and were a great source of support to me and my family. Sadly my Mother's illness progressed quite rapidly and she passed away 8 weeks later. The charity kept in contact with me after my Mother passed away which was so lovely and thoughtful and I was very touched by their compassion.

Now time has moved on I decided I wanted to reconnect with the charity to fundraise as my way of giving something back. I want to also help raise awareness and support others affected by this condition.

What we'll be be doing... 
Our fundraising challenge is to walk the South Downs Way - 100 miles in 8 days from Winchester to Eastbourne passing through where my Mum spent many happy years of retirement living near the sea in Sussex and where my Dad still lives.

If you are able to spread the word, donate and help support the Aplastic Anaemia Charity Trust to continue the important work they do I know that myself, my family and the charity will be extremely grateful.

All that’s left now is for us to get fit, ramp up the training and pray for good weather starting our challenge on Sunday 8th September!

Jill Turner