Early last year my brother was diagnosed with A-plastic anemia, which is a rare condition that causes the bone marrow to not produce enough blood cells, it is estimated that between 100 and 150 people will be diagnosed across the UK every year, the treatments for this may include medicines to suppress your immune system, blood transfusions, or a blood and bone marrow transplant. A blood and bone marrow transplant may cure the disorder in some people. Removing a known cause of aplastic anemia, such as exposure to a toxin that may also cure the condition.

My brother has had many tests and a bone marrow transplant which unfortunately hasn't worked, the hospital are now trying a sibling stem cell transplant, I have been chosen to be Sam's next donar, on the 1st July I will be undergoing a stem cell harvest, once my stem cells have been collected, they will be given to sam and it will take 2 weeks for them to start the process of rebooting his immune system.

Sam has had to undergo some chemo in his tests which he has lost his hair, which is why I would like to shave my head in support for sam, I am going to have my head shaved on Sunday 19th July, I couldn't find the words to say how scary this has been, anything could happen at anytime but I am so grateful that sam has been so strong

This charity is the only one in the uk that supports aplastic anemia, any donations would go a very long way to researching technology and medication to help find a permanent cure for this condition.

Thank you so much for reading this and supporting us, words can not begin to explain how much your support means.

Matthew Hutchins