Aplastic Anaemia is a rare type of bone marrow failure that you've probably never heard of. It's where the bone marrow stops creating all kinds of blood cells. It's really rare and affects 1 in every half a million people. 

Aplastic anaemia treatment is very similar to the treatment someone might have for leukaemia - but because it's so rare, families often don't have access to the same information and support. A donation of just a few pounds could provide a young child with a story book that explains what aplastic anaemia is and what they can expect from a long stay in hospital - making the long and difficult treatment less frightening.

I have the pleasure of working for this small but mighty charity that supports people with aplastic anaemia and their families. 

To find out more about The Aplastic Anaemia Trust please click here

On the 18th June I will be abseiling 80 meters that's 262ft! It's the UK's Highest Free-Fall Abseil.

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Hannah Mitchell