Hello Everyone.

I have a personal story, I have a young family member who went though something i would not wish on my worst enemies. I want to give something back to my young family and to help other young children and adults going though similar. And now with Covid-19, it makes it even tougher for people going though life threatening things, as they have self Isolated even more.

So, i have decided to create my own charity event.

I shall be playing Golf all day on the longest day of the year 2021 (if Covid-19 does not shut the Golf corses again🤞🏼). To raise as much as possible.

Also, I am doing this to give something back to my young family member as he is a real hero and trooper! He is so inspirational and I have so much respect for him!

If you would like more info - please don't hesitate to contact me on: [email protected] or pop over to my facebook page: Gibbo the Golf’er

I will so grateful for anything you can give and it is for an amazing cause!

This charity day means alot to me and the family ❤️🌍

Hayley Gibsone