In 2019 my sister in law was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, a rare bone marrow condition that very few have heard of. It can affect anyone of any age. Daily managent of the condition is not easy: those with Aplastic Anaemia have dangerously low immune systems and consequently have to make huge lifestyle changes and suffer with symptoms including extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, unexplained bruising, uncontrollable bleeding and frequent and prolonged infections requiring hospital treatment. They also have to attend regular, sometimes lengthy and painful hospital appointments for treatments including bone marrow biopsies and blood transfusions.
My sister in law received treatment which boosted her immune system, however it's not cured and she will require ongoing tests, treatment and medication.

The mission of the Aplastic Anaemia Trust is to enable vital research into the causes of aplastic anaemia and other rare bone marrow failures that ultimately leads to finding a cure, and to support everyone affected by them, so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

This Charity is the only Aplastic Anaemia Charity in the UK and they need our support.

Gary Westgate