Our family team of Elaine, Aiden and Ellie are going to get into the freezing sea for the Aplastic Anamia Trust's Santa Splash event!

Please donate on this page to make us feel better about freezing our knackers off.

Yes we will be putting on festive Santa hats and getting into Margate tidal pool at 9am on December 5th. It's going to be cooooold. Want to join us? You can sign up here.

Aplastic anaemia is a very rare bone marrow failure, where the bone marrow stops creating all kinds of blood cells. Ellie works for The Aplastic Anaemia Trust and is working to raise money to fund extra support for families this winter.

Aplastic anaemia treatment is very similar to the treatment someone might have for leukaemia - but because it's so rare, families often don't have access to the same information and support. A donation of just a few pounds could provide a young child with a story book that explains what aplastic anaemia is and what they can expect from a long stay in hospital - making the long and difficult treatment less frightening.

Here's a video of the Gardner family, who Ellie has been working with this year, talking about what having children's resources means to them:

Ellie Dawes