I’ve been swimming the channel in pool lengths since July 12th 2021 and am almost there with about 150 lengths to go! My son was diagnosed with AA in 2018 and at a similar time I had bowel surgery and took up swimming. Adapting to traumatic health conditions is exhausting and my son Dan, now 25 has finally resumed work after treatment and is rebuilding his life around his diagnosis. Every time I thought I couldn’t swim another length and adapt to my own condition, I thought of Dan and all his efforts to adapt and stay positive.
The AA trust has been a constant source of invaluable information, support, kindness and opportunity and I hope, if you have a spare pound or two, you can give something to help this amazing organisation continue it’s working which is exceptionally helpful for young people like Dan who just want to live a normal disease free life and be excited about a future.
Thanks for supporting my swim; every length has been a tribute to all those amazing rare folk out there with Aplastic Anaemia. Dena
(The photo shows me and Dan on his 25th birthday)

Dena Bex