AA affects 1 in 1 million people, and PNH a third of those. Everyone thinks the diagnoses are fine as they say "it's not cancer" and "oh it's just anaemia right"...well, no. Just no! They're both as serious as cancers and chronically underfunded. Getting knowledge of them out there and helping to raise money is vital.

So, I've pledged to run at least 25 miles in March. Last year I was running regularly and for many, 25 miles is nothing, but since COVID hit, my fitness has taken a plummet and I have only run 3 times in a year, so running 1 mile today was a real struggle and, quite frankly, I hated it. But I'm hoping that some sponsoring can keep me going and help with motivation, which has been zero for a while now with everything that's been going on. It will also help to raise money for the charity that has been my lifeline throughout the 12 years of having AA, but especially throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
Thank you for anything you can give!

Daisy Evans