My son, Ryan (now 14) was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia in January 2018. This is a serious life-threatening condition, very rare and most people have not heard of it. It is very, very different from anaemia, it cannot be cured by taking iron or eating spinach. It basically means that he had bone marrow failure, his bone marrow was empty and not producing any cells. Ryan had to undergo regular transfusions of blood and platelets until he underwent treatment called ATG. This was not a cure but since we were unable to find a bone marrow donor, it was our only option. Thankfully it was successful and eventually we started to see his bone marrow producing cells. He is still on medication and his blood levels are regularly monitored as they continue to improve, very slowly, however, thankfully Ryan leads a pretty normal life for a teenager. The Aplastic Anaemia Trust have been a huge support to the whole family from providing medical information to emotion support.

Lynn Kearns