The inspirational Isaiah and his fight

Isaiah was diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia in February 2018 turning his and his loving family’s life upside down.

He went from playing ice hockey for three hours one night, to hospital admission the next. His immune system crashed and he was suddenly very unwell.

Isaiah was 10 years old and his life changed immediately - no more ice hockey, no more school, no crowded places, no more than one friend over at at time, no skateboarding or snowboarding, no travel. All the things he loved... stopped.

Isaiah began immunosuppressive therapy in March 2018 then spent the next six months in semi-isolation, at home, with his family and slowly his bone marrow began to recover. 

Isaiah returned to school in September 2018; he returned to ice hockey in November 2018 and he went snowboarding for the first time since his diagnosis in February 2019. 

Whilst Isaiah is doing well and can now begin to enjoy a normal and fun life every boy should, other children are less fortunate and some - tragically, won’t make it.

4th March is the Aplastic Anaemia Awareness day. Please support the Aplastic Anaemia Trust in its quest for better treatments and cures that work for all.

Grazina Berry