If you're living with aplastic anaemia, whether you have AA yourself or you're supporting a close family member, you will likely be dealing with a lot of stress and uncertainty. This course is designed to help you to deal with the emotional burden of living with AA, whether you're in current treatment, on watch and wait, or finding it difficult to return to "normal life". 

What does this involve?

This course will help you learn techniques to help you face the challenges of living with aplastic anaemia. There are six weeks of learning sessions, followed by six weeks of supported sessions where you and encouraged to try out the techniques you have learned in your day-to-day life. The course uses ACT, an evidence-based therapeutic approach, that people say makes immediate sense. The strategies are straightforward and easy to build into your day.

Topics include understanding stress and uncertainty, learning how to respond to difficult thoughts and emotions, how to use everyday mindfulness, and how to live life in the way that matters to you despite. stress and uncertainty.

To join the course, you will need access to the internet to join the 12 Zoom sessions (dates below). Ideally you will also need WhatsApp, to join the discussion group and keep in contact with your tutor. We will add you to the WhatsApp group using the number you provide when you register. If you don't have WhatsApp or need technical support, please feel free to give our support line a ring on 0300 102 3202.

About Lesley Howells

Lesley is Research Lead for the Maggie’s network of twenty-one centres across the UK (maggiescentres.org), Hong Kong and Tokyo. She is also Centre Head for Maggie’s Dundee and the Maggie’s Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Scotland, where she develops Maggie's support programme, trains their staff and manages a research portfolio.

Lesley worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS for 18 years before joining Maggie’s. She specialised in working with people juggling the demands of chronic physical health problems such as cancer, diabetes and cystic fibrosis.

She is an NHS Accredited Trainer in Advanced Communication, Accredited Mindfulness Teacher and has specialist expertise in the teaching and supervision of NHS Specialist Palliative Care professionals. Since qualifying in 1991 her research and clinical focus has been families, individuals and couples facing life-changing trauma and transitions, primarily those prompted by changes in physical health.

The group helps you to deal with the fact that your plans from before the disease go away and you need to collect the pieces. I also learned how to deal with feelings of guilt and to understand that you come first. I became so much more confident...you feel that you are valid and it is normal to feel in a certain way.

- Feedback from Lesley's previous aplastic anaemia support sessions

Session dates 

Please add these dates to your diary! You will receive an email the day before each session as a reminder, with the Zoom link.

Learning sessions:

2nd August 2022 – 5-6pm
9th August 2022 – 5-6pm
16th August 2022 – 5-6pm
23rd August 2022 – 5-6pm
30th August 2022 – 5-6pm
13th September 2022 – 5-6pm

Practice and discussion sessions:

27th September 2022 – 5-6pm
4th October 2022 – 5-6pm
11th October 2022 – 5-6pm
18th October 2022 – 5-6pm
1st November 2022 – 5-6pm
8th November 2022 – 5-6pm

How to join

Register for the course below. We will add you into a WhatsApp group, so you can communicate with Lesley and the group, and send you a reminder email the day before each of your sessions which will include the link to join the session on Zoom. 

Sorry, this course has already begun and registrations have closed. 

This course is offered regularly! Find future course dates here.