Join us on 3rd December at 11.50am and take a brave dip at Sandford Parks Lido. 

Your ticket cost will help us to support people with aplastic anaemia and includes:

  • A Swim Hat to wear 
  • A hot drink

Sign up before the 15th November to ensure you receive your swim hat.

Registration opens at 11.50am, so arrive any time from then to meet other splashers! We'll have a group photo before running into the lido together at 12 noon.

The water is likely to be around 3-4 degrees so you may want to start cold showers a month before to prepare. 

Hot drinks will be provided after.

Fundraising: Ask friends to sponsor you for your dip, to raise more funds for The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. The best way to set up your fundraising page is through our website. Click here to set yours up now. 

Raise over £50 and we'll send you a sew on patch

Hints and tips to make the dip safe and successful;

  • The water will be cold, so if you're not used to open water swimming, don't jump in, instead go in slowly allowing your body to adjust to the temperature of the water.
  • When you are in the water remember to breathe. Try breathing in for 5 and out for 5.
  • Don't spend too long in the water
  • After you leave the water it's best to get changed into warm clothes that are easy to put on, such as joggers or pyjamas. Bring a dressing gown.
  • When you're out of the water, get your arms and upper body warm first

Benefits of Cold Water Swimming
1.It boosts your immune system
2. It gives you a natural high
3. It improves your circulation
4. It increases your libido
5. It burns calories
6. It reduces stress
7. It is a great way of socialising and making new friends

By signing up to the Santa Splash you are agreeing to;

  • I am a confident and able swimmer
  • I am over 16 years of age

Photos will be taken on the day. They will be used by The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. If you would prefer not to be photographed please do let us know. 

Can't make it to Gloucestershire?

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Thank you to Sandford Parks Lido for allowing us to host the event.

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