Have you ever thought about keeping quail? Perhaps you've always dreamed of keeping chickens but you don't have enough space or are worried about the noise?

Quail can live in a rabbit hutch, will lay an egg a day during the lighter months, and make less noise than your garden birds!

Hi I'm Ellie and I have three pet quail. I hatched my first quail eggs a year ago on my home office desk and have learned so much about these funny little birds. I'm convinced they are the very best pet option, and would love to convert more quail owners in East London. 

I also work for The Aplastic Anaemia Trust and want to raise some extra cash during our Super Rare fundraising campaign! So I thought I'd see if anyone locally would like to come and learn about how to keep quail. 100% of the ticket price will go to the charity.

This event is suitable for:

Anyone who is curious about having quail as pets, (no experience necessary!)

Anyone who already has quail and is interested in meeting other quail fans.

Please note that quail are not likely to be suitable pets if you are immunocompromised. I strongly recommend you speak to your consultant first if you are receiving treatment for aplastic anaemia and are thinking of keeping quail. 

My quail are Coturnix, which is the most commonly kept type. If you're considering another species like King Quail / Button Quail, the workshop would also be useful but I am aware of some differences which I can talk about.

This workshop is happening in my home which unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible. If you use a wheelchair and would like to learn about quail keeping, I can run a version of this workshop in a local accessible venue on another date, drop me an email to arrange. If you have other access needs please email me before booking and I'll do my very best to accommodate you [email protected].

Children are very welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We'll cover:

  • How to hatch your own quail from fertilised eggs you can buy online.

  • The basics: How clever is a quail? What do they need to stay healthy and happy? (I focus on a quality welfare approach which promotes natural behaviour.)
  • How to tell the sex of your quail and the best male:female ratios

  • The deep litter method - transform bark chip into fertiliser for your garden, and only clean your quail out every 6 months!

  • Common health issues: deworming, mites, coccidiosis, and how to spot when you need to take your quail to the vet. 

  • Behaviour issues - how to stop your quail attacking each other, and how to make them tame.

  • Protecting your quail from predators and head injury.

  • Going on holiday - how long can you leave the quail for?

My quail are pets and I eat their eggs, but I have researched some of what's involved with raising quail for meat or as a business venture. I'll tailor the workshop for attendees' interests and can make the brunch vegan friendly, let me know when you book your ticket.

Your ticket includes: 

  • Interactive workshop, with a fun quiz at the end

  • Plenty of time with the quail - practice picking them up safely and giving them medicine.

  • Salad Challenge - compete with other workshop attendees to make the tastiest salad for the quail to eat.

  • Connection with local quail pals - keep in touch after the workshop to ask advice, borrow heat lamps and perhaps even swap quails!

  • A delicious brunch - Practice peeling a boiled quail egg! (Eggs are likely to be shop bought because I allow my quail to stop laying over the winter and I don't know if they will have started again by mid March.) I will happily cater for allergies and food preferences, give details when you book. 

Getting here 

You will receive the full address via email when you book. Busses 158 and W15 stop at the end of our road and we are a 15 minute walk from Blackhorse Road station (Victoria line).

If you are not able to arrive by public transport you are very likely to be able to park on our street (free parking on Saturdays) but I can't guarantee it. 

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Quail workshop (adult)

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Quail workshop (under 16)

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