2020 has been a tough year for aplastic anaemia patients, and we've been beside them every step of the way.

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We are here for you

Our immune-suppressed community has been hit very hard this year, with 70% of families shielding continuously since the March lockdown. Existing problems such as extreme isolation, lack of holistic support and inconsistent information have been exacerbated by the crisis.

The situation required a swift response from The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, and we've ramped up our support. 

  • The number of individual support sessions delivered through our Support Line has quadrupled
  • We've hired a new part-time Online Support Manager to address the increased demand and expand our support offer
  • We've held monthly AAT Connect sessions for patients in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, supporting shielding families around the country
  • Weekly Health and Wellbeing sessions delivered in partnership with Maggie’s Centres have meant we've provided our community with access to mental health advice for the first time
  • Regular thematic webinars offered patients and carers opportunity to ask clinicians questions around shielding guidance and access to treatments
  • A suite of digital information resources has been rolled out ironing out all possible inconsistencies and confusion, which we've been updating regularly in line with government advice. 
  • We've lobbied successfully to give patients with severe aplastic anaemia access to the drug eltrombopag, when they need it because their treatment is delayed by the pandemic. 
  • Not everyone is online! We've made befriending phone calls and sent print newsletters with guidance to over 60 potentially vulnerable and isolated patients who prefer offline support.

(As our support to patients has been increased, our research to find new and improved treatments for aplastic anaemia has also continued! We're looking forward to sharing some really exciting research progress with you in 2021, so watch this space...)

Will you send us a Christmas gift?

It's been a difficult year for fundraising across the charity sector. We were so disappointed to cancel events that are our chance to get together with the aplastic anaemia community across the country and raise vital income. 

If you, or someone you know, has benefitted from our support this year - you can really show your support by making a festive donation. Your donations will help us to keep providing agile, tailored support to our community - whatever 2021 may bring. And just seeing your gift on this page will put a huge smile on the faces of our small, hardworking team as we come to the end of a difficult year. 

If you can't donate...

This has been a tough year for many, and not everyone in our community will feel able to donate at Christmas time. Please know that we understand, and we do not expect anyone to support us if they feel unable to.

Why not just show your support by sharing a link to our Christmas Shop on your own social media page? You might know someone who will buy some Christmas cards, which would be wonderful!