What's 'AAT Connect'?

Led by our wonderful volunteers, we are launching weekly AAT Connect events across the UK. 

These are weekly virtual informal chats, lasting up to an hour, and enabling you to share your experiences of coping with Covid-19, airing any frustrations you may have, seeking advice and emotional support.

Wherever needed and possible, we will aim to get an expert on board and offer professional advice and help.

Will there by an AAT Connect event in my area?

These friendly 'connect' sessions are digital, so you can join irrespective where you live. However, recognising that there are regional variations in how care is being provided across the UK, we are starting in the following areas:

AAT Connect England South, led by Daisy - Weekly, Tuesday 5.30pm-6.30pm

AAT Connect Scotland, led by Fiona. Next meeting Thurs 18 March 5pm-6pm

AAT Connect Wales, led by Kimberley - Fortnightly on Tuesdays, 5-6pm

After the first round of 'AAT Connect' events, the feedback has been very positive, as shared by Fiona:

"Our meeting went very well last night with everyone very happy for AAT Connect to be a weekly event. I was able to share a lot of the information and reassuring advice from a recent webinar with Dr Shreyans Ghandi from King's College Hospital, London with our Scottish contingent and the majority of their questions were answered. There was a lot of general sharing of experiences in this present strange climate - both family related and aplastic anaemia related - so a very supportive and a helpful lifeline for us all".

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