Ciclosporin (age group 5-11) - printed booklet

This factsheet is for children who need to take ciclosporin as part of their treatment for aplastic anaemia.

What is ciclosporin?

Ciclosporin is a type of medicine that might be given to you if you have aplastic anaemia.

Your bone marrow is like a factory where your stem cells are made. These stem cells will turn into different kinds of blood cells. Your immune system works to keep your body safe and protect it against diseases and infections. With aplastic anaemia, your immune system can end up working too hard and begin fighting against your bone marrow. This can mean that your bone marrow doesn’t make enough of the stem cells you need. Ciclosporin works by quietening down your immune system for a while. This gives your bone marrow time to get better and start making stem cells normally for you.

What’s in this factsheet?

This factsheet tells you all about taking ciclosporin, what checks the doctors will do to make sure it is working properly, and the changes you might notice in your body while you are taking it.

Download as a PDF

If you're just looking for a PDF of this factsheet to download and read, you can find this here.