Ted was instrumental in setting up a bone marrow transplantation unit at the Hammersmith Hospital in 1972, and launching the Marrow Environment Fund, with friends and family members of patients suffering from rare bone marrow failures. This grew into the Aplastic Anaemia Trust in the 90s, when Ted moved to St George’s to set up a department devoted to the bone marrow failure syndromes of which acquired Aplastic Anaemia was a particular but not exclusive interest. Fantastic advances have been made since then in understanding and treating acquired and constitutional AA. The AAT was hugely important in establishing the unit at St George’s and by engendering interest by the work in other units throughout the UK, has put the country at the forefront of research and treatment of these rare syndromes in the International community.

Ted is currently Emeritus Professor of Haematology, St George’s, University of London and Honorary Consultant Haematologist, St George’s NHS Trust, retired December 2013.