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Meet Elodie

To help show what our support means for families, we've been working with Elodie and her family to create a Christmas film! Look out for the video's release on Giving Tuesday to kick off the week. 

When Elodie's parents Ali and Kayleigh heard that Elodie has aplastic anaemia, they'd never heard of it. They very quickly had to become experts in the condition, so they could make big decisions about her care and how to keep her safe through her treatment. 

Aplastic anaemia is hard on the whole family. Elodie's little brother Oscar had to go and live with his grandparents while she was in isolation in hospital, and his parents missed his second birthday. Nine months on, life is slowly getting back to normal, and they all can't wait to spend a proper Christmas at home together as a family. 

Why donate?

Not everyone understands aplastic anaemia. We do. 

We understand that feeling of hearing a diagnosis of something you've NEVER heard of... and suddenly having to be an expert.

From frightened parents, to feeling-left-out siblings – The Aplastic Anaemia Trust are determined to offer personal, tailored information and support to everyone. Kayleigh and Ali found that The AAT were able to connect them to other parents who could answer their questions and understood what they were going through. We also had the resources they needed to help them understand and explain the condition:

We read the Super Rare Max book every day in hospital to help Elodie feel seen, and prepare her for losing her hair. When she went back to school, the teacher read it to the class and Elodie showed them her Hickman line. It was so powerful.

It's been a tough year for fundraising - so for the first time this year we're running a Christmas Appeal, to help fund the support we offer to families. We're delighted that our appeal has been selected for The Big Give Christmas Challenge, this is a fab opportunity for the support of our community to go twice as far.

So please donate during Christmas Challenge week to help us reach our target!

If you have any questions, or are raising some money for us soon and would like to make sure it is doubled - drop Hannah an email at [email protected]