In April we held a very informative and enjoyable catch-up session with our London and South based patients, supporters and clinical experts. Having taken into account the geographical spread of our Patient Support Group members, we are working on rolling out regional catch-up meetings throughout the UK. 

Meanwhile, on 11 July we stopped in Leicester. 

What did we talk about?

Amidst a wide range of topics, right at the centre was - 'what it’s been like for me’.

It is fair to say - no story is ever the same! Everyone arrived at the diagnosis of aplastic anaemia differently, the amount and quality of information at diagnosis was varied, everyone’s treatment is different as are each individuals' reactions to different medications and responses to treatment.

It’s definitely a challenging ride, yet positive attitude and hope prevail.

Something for the AAT to address is making sure that all main treatment centres know that we exist!

It's great to meet people like me - I’m not alone!

Latest research into aplastic anaemia 

Grazina presented the latest updates on research and talked about what’s happening at our small but energetic charity, and ways people can help.

You can download the presentation here, and if it sparks a question - please get in touch!

We need YOU

We do need your help if we are to carry on funding research into the future, as it is so costly and takes a long time. Please visit the 'Support Us' pages for ways to contribute.

We look forward to seeing even more of you in the future. Please look out for updates on our website and social media channels, join in and spread the word about our cause far and wide!