Used Postage Stamps

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust has teamed up with Fundraising Stamps who will buy used postage stamps from us to help us to raise vital funds.

Click Here for your Free Envelopes

You can request up to 5 FREEPOST envelopes from Fundraising Stamps by completing the online form (Follow the link above)
Send your stamps to Fundraising Stamps FREE OF CHARGE
The AAT will receive £11 per kilo for all stamps received

Each pre-paid & pre-addressed envelope can contain up to 250 grammes of stamps.

If you have a large quantity to send you can order a jumbo padded envelope that can hold up to 2kgs

Before you send your stamps to Fundraising Stamps, please take note of the following steps. Doing this will aid us in gaining as much money as possible.

PRESENTATION: Presentation can make quite a big difference to the price obtained for stamps. Following these guidelines will help you to maximise your income.

1. Stamps should normally be left on their backing paper, with a border of about 4mm to 8mm left around the stamp.
2. Stamps should not have excess paper left on them. Excess paper means anything more than the 4-8mm, or “double weight” (which is where the front and back of the envelope are present).
3. An odd bit of excess paper is usually acceptable, but will slightly reduce the price per kilo that we would receive. Too much excess paper will mean that the company may refuse to purchase the entire lot. (A test for “too much” would be to turn over handfuls of stamps. If you see some excess in every handful, then you probably have too much.)