The Buddy Scheme

Over the years, membership of the Aplastic Anaemia Trust’s Support Group has increased rapidly. With this comes the inevitable increase in running costs. However, we still think it is important that this service is available free of charge to everyone.

By participating in The Buddy Scheme we are not asking you to part with any money. It’s your family and friend’s money we’re after!

We want you to ask them to pay £10 to become your Buddy for one year. In return they’ll receive a certificate confirming that they are your Buddy along with copies of our newsletter for one year. They will also have their name listed as your Buddy on this website and in The AAT’s newsletter, Blood Line.

If every single member of the Support Group enrolled just five Buddies, it would raise over £20,000 a year!

But it’s not just about raising money. By enrolling Buddies, you will also be helping to raise awareness of aplastic anaemia and the work of The AAT.

If you have sadly lost a loved one through aplastic anaemia, this would also be a touching way for them to be remembered.

If you are interested in joining The Buddy Scheme, please download the application form and return it along with a photo. You will then be sent your own personalised leaflets to give to family and friends. Your leaflets will be produced in full colour. Please either email your completed forms and photo to Bryony or post them to her at The Aplastic Anaemia Trust, PO Box 289, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN40 9GW

Application Form