Your office trash can be worth thousands of pounds to The Aplastic Anaemia Trust!

Office materials that normally end up in the bin – inkjet printer cartridges and old mobile phones – can be recycled to raise valuable funds for The AAT. If you’re guilty of throwing away used printer cartridges and other recyclable office materials read on!

The AAT has teamed up with leading recyclers Recycle4Charity in an environmentally friendly fundraising scheme.  Every time you donate a cartridge or old mobile phone to the The AAT Recycling Appeal, we will earn cash.

Not only will your participation in the The AAT’s Recycle4Charity help us to raise much needed funds, recycling allows you to make a positive impact on the environment. 

So put your old mobile phones and inkjet cartridges to one side.  Recycle4Charity provides free collections if you have more than 25 items, and freepost envelopes if you have less.  To get more details and begin recycling, visit or call the Recycle4Charity  team on 01273 400185, for recycle freepost envelopes contact the AAT office.  

Use your trash to help the environment and support The AAT.  It won’t cost you a penny.