weather lottery

The Weather Lottery

Now you can support the Aplastic Anaemia Trust while having fun by playing the Weather Lottery!

The great thing about the Weather Lottery is that you don’t share the jackpot. If you match six numbers you win £25,000 and if anyone else has the same numbers as you, they also win £25,000. This is possible because we have joined with other charities, sports clubs, schools and societies and we share all the prize money that is held in trust. 

The £25,000 jackpot prize is insured and the other prizes are guaranteed by Prize Provision Services Ltd. Once you register you are assigned six numbers that will be used for all future draws. Each entry costs just £1 a week. For an application form contact The AAT office or register online with the Weather Lottery.

The winning numbers are calculated using the temperature in Fahrenheit from selected destinations – Corfu, Istanbul, Tenerife, Innsbruck, Edinburgh and Stockholm – that are published in the Daily Mail on the day of the draw.

For example:

  • Corfu 93 degrees
  • Istanbul 94 degrees
  • Tenerife 90 degrees
  • Innsbruck 90 degrees
  • Amsterdam 55 degrees
  • Stockholm 51 degrees
  • Match 3 numbers and win £2
  • Match 4 numbers and win £20
  • Match 5 numbers and win £250
  • Match 6 numbers and win £250,000!

The six destinations are constant and do not change. Your first number is always matched against Corfu, your second number is always matched against Istanbul etc.

A minimum of 37% of the funding comes directly to the Aplastic Anaemia Trust. The Weather Lottery supplies all the forms and does all the administration – we just promote it!

It is simple, there are no hidden catches and with a convenient monthly standing order it means no last minute dash to the newsagents to buy a lottery ticket!You don’t even have to check the numbers yourself as you are notified automatically if you are a winner. If you do want to check your numbers then you can do so here.