Corporate Partnerships

Tax efficient company donations

By making regular charity donations or an annual lump sum donation, businesses attract tax relief as detailed in the Inland Revenue leaflet IR64, which can be downloaded from

Make The AAT your “Charity of the Year”

Adopt us and involve your employees in the fun of fundraising! Many companies pick their chosen charities on the basis of employee nominations. Put forward The AAT as the charity of your choice and help bring blood to life.

Matched giving

Matching the amount that your employees raise through a sponsored event is a perfect way to involve them in your corporate giving programme. One of the many benefits of offering this scheme includes the fact that you are spreading the benefits of your organisation’s generosity across a wide range of causes. This will help to support your employees’ interests and concerns.


Sponsoring one of our events can benefit your company by providing branding opportunities, enhancing your corporate image and increasing your profile.

Cause Related Marketing

Your company can promote their brand and image through linking up with The Aplastic Anaemia Trust to sell a product or service and at the same time raise money for aplastic anaemia sufferers. Not only is there the potential to generate extra sales, but a product promotion will also enhance customer perception of your brand, giving you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Cause Related Marketing is now an accepted and valuable part of the commercial marketing mix. In November 2000 Business in the Community’s research survey “Profitable Partnerships” found that:

  • Over 70% of Chief Executives, Marketing Directors and Community Affairs Directors believe that CRM will increase in importance to achieving objectives over the next 2 – 3 years.
  • 75% also feel that CRM can enhance corporate or brand reputation.
  • 86% of consumers, when price and quality are equal, are more likely to choose a product or business associated with a “cause”.
  • 90% of respondents had heard of a Cause Related Marketing promotion with 65% participating in a promotion.
  • 75% either switched brand, tried a new brand or bought more.
  • 80% felt increased loyalty to the brand and more positive about their purchase.

Employee fundraising

Support your employees by encouraging them to become involved in organising charity events or sponsored activities e.g. by allowing the formation of a Charities Committee and providing facilities and allocated time for this. Fundraising for The AAT is a great team building exercise and undoubtedly boosts morale in the office.

Payroll giving

Some companies operate a payroll giving scheme also known as Give As You Earn (GAYE). This scheme enables you to make a donation directly from your salary before tax has been deducted (UK only).

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust can now get an extra 10% from the Government for payroll donations! For example:

  • You give from your pay = £5
  • Actual cost to you = £3.90
  • Value of your gift to The AAT (including 10% from government) = £5.50

Check with your company to see if they operate a GAYE Scheme.

For more information go to:
All About Giving
Inland Revenue

Gifts in Kind

We are always grateful to hear from anyone who can donate products or services to the charity. You may wish to donate office equipment, stationery, prizes for our events/auctions, or offer your professional expertise. However you think you could help, we would love to hear from you!

Donated Goods and Services
Help with keeping our costs to a bare minimum by donating goods, raffle prizes or services that enable us to raise vital funds.

Goodie bags/Table Gifts
We like to reward volunteers who participate in our challenge events or celebrities who give up their time to support us. Perhaps you have product samples, promotional goods, end of line items e.g. newly launched products, fragrance samples, luxury goods or clothing articles that we could use for this.

Appeals, publicity and event materials all require design and printing. Any companies able to allow us to use their time and facilities in producing printed material would be much appreciated.

Sometimes we need space in Central London to hold meetings and dinners. If you have a venue that you could hire to The Aplastic Anaemia Trust free of charge or at a very reasonable rate, we would love to hear from you.


How about lending us the skills and expertise of one of your employees? Your company can benefit from secondment too as the employee can develop new skills and experience in a new working environment. What is more, the cost of the employee’s salary is tax deductible while they volunteer.

Take part in our events

Taking part in corporate challenges and events can be a great way to boost the morale of your employees and help them to work better as a team.