We have been asked to clarify the information in the August 2015 newsletter on vaccination schedules for aplastic anaemia patients.

Vaccinations in non-transplanted aplastic anaemia patients: There is a potential relapse risk of aplastic anaemia following vaccinations in those patients who have responded to ATG treatment. The evidence base is limited and relies on anecdotal case reports as well as an appreciation that a reaction to viral insult may be a trigger in the development of aplastic anaemia. It is therefore recommended that vaccinations, including the flu vaccine, in patients previously treated with ATG should be avoided if possible.

Vaccinations in transplanted aplastic anaemia patients: Following stem cell/bone marrow transplant, aplastic anaemia patients should be vaccinated as recommended for patients with other disorders receiving a transplant using donated stem cells. If you have any questions concerning this you should contact your local transplant centre.

Reference: British Committee for Standards in Haematology. (2015) Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of aplastic anaemia.